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Teen diagnosed with Melanoma
Overland Park, KS
08/07/2018 12:54 PM
According to a study published by J Robinson, et al, in the Archives of  Dermatology in April 2008 called “Indoor Tanning Knowledge, Attitudes,  and Behavior Among Young Adults From 1988–2007,” knowledge of the  melanoma/?skin cancer link with tanning changed from 42% in 1988 to 38%  in 1994; up to 87% in 2007. Knowledge of limiting tanning to help  prevent melanoma increased to 77% from 1988–1994, but decreased from 1994–2007 to 67%, which was simultaneous with an increase in the attitude that tanned skin looks better than pale skin, from 69% in 1994  to 81% in 2007. Because of this change in perception, it is more important than ever for skin care professionals to spread the word to teen clients about the dangers of sun exposure and the possibility of  melanoma. There are several common teen misperce­ptions about cancer and  sun exposure, which can lead to devastating effects. This information should be shared with teens and adults alike. To schedule your skin cancer screening, call Blue Valley Dermatology at 913-871-8221. We have the shortest wait times in the city and a growing clinical staff to accommodate new patients. Read more about us here.
Tom Tkachuk
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