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CC-Assist.NET Buyers' Guide
What Can You Do With CC-Assist.NET?

Streamline Your Organization

CC-Assist.NET allows you to manage your membership data, your website data, your accounting, and your marketing communications all in a single place. It eliminates the potential for error and the extra work involved in double entering and maintaining information in multiple places.

Simplify Your Accounting

CC-Assist.NET includes a direct interface with QuickBooks. It copies members’ financial transactions into their related QuickBooks account and keeps the transactions synchronized going forward.

Manage Your Schedule

CC-Assist.NET allows you to schedule follow-up reminders for retention touch points and ongoing sales opportunities.

Become Proactive

CC-Assist.NET provides complex analytical reports, so you can be proactive about identifying at risk members. You can configure your own report selections and memorize them to save time the next time you run the report.

Eliminate Technical Delays

When you make changes in CC-Assist.NET, they are automatically reflected in your website. When your members go online to your website, and update their information, register for events, submit job postings, news articles, or web advertisements, they are automatically entered into your database.

Give Your Members Tangible Benefits

In addition to the online directory and calendar, CC-Assist.NET provides your members the real-time benefits of a member login where they can update their own information and pay open invoices, a community calendar to publicize their events, an online job search to advertise job openings, and an online news center to share significant milestones.

Accept Online Payments Securely

The CC-Assist.NET Web pages include online payment processing through your Authorize.NET account.

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

The CC-Assist.NET online directory is search engine optimized to give your members greater visibility online and ultimately increase the value of their membership.

Be a Mobile Presence

Have you heard about Google’s Mobilegeddon? The CC-Assist.NET Web content is mobile responsive when you include our pages in a mobile responsive website.

Connect Your Members Over Social Media

Would your members like to add their social networking addresses into their online directory listing? With CC-Assist.NET members can include any type of social media link they wish.

Refer Your Members 24x7

CC-Assist.NET can now automatically refer your members in response to inquiries which are submitted online.

Keep All of Your Advertising Revenue

Best of all, with the CC-Assist.NET easy-to-use advertising opportunities, you keep 100% of your advertising revenue!